About Us

Hey there, and welcome to PodPod Coffee!

We don't know about you, but one of our favourite things is fresh, affordable, convenient, delicious coffee. Some might say that's too much to ask, but we don't think so!

What Drives Us

At PodPod Coffee, we think your at-home coffee experience can be better and more affordable than ever. Here's how we do it:


Did you know that most coffee pod companies don't even roast their own coffee? If you don't believe us, just ask them for yourself! At PodPod, we roast all our coffee in-house, which guarantees a fresher experience than you've ever had.


Great coffee doesn't have to be expensive. We've refined our procedures and processes to ensure we can deliver the best coffee pods you've ever had, at a price that you wouldn't expect.


We're nothing without our customers - and that means you! And great coffee doesn't mean anything if it doesn't make you happy. Everything we do is to give you the best coffee experience, delivered with the best customer experience.


Let's be honest: we use Nespresso machines because they take the least amount of effort! Well, with our subscriptions, buying your regular coffee pods can be just as easy as brewing it. Save 5% with Pay-As-You-Go subscriptions, and get free shipping with our Pre-Paid subscriptions!

What Sets Us Apart

We get it: you want delicious coffee without the price tag, but you don't want cheap coffee that doesn't taste great. We're right there with you, and that's exactly what you can expect from PodPod. Don't believe us? Just try it for yourself and get ready to be pleasantly surprised!