Are your coffee pods compatible with Nespresso machines?

All PodPod Coffee pods are compatible with machines which suit Nespresso Original style pods.

Do you offer different roast levels or flavors?

We offer Medium, Dark, and Extra Dark roast levels. Extra Dark is our strongest/darkest style coffee pod, and Medium is our lightest.

Are your coffee pods recyclable?

No. Our coffee pods are home compostable.

Are your coffee pods compostable?



How quickly will my order be shipped?

We ship orders every business day. Your order will be shipped the day after we receive it, if not earlier!

Do you offer international shipping?



Do you offer subscription services?

Yes! Subscriptions can be purchased by selecting the subscription option on our product pages.

Can I customise my pod subscription?

When you start your subscription, you can access your account to pause, cancel, or upgrade your plan at any time.

How does the subscription billing work?

Pre-Paid subscriptions are paid once when you start your plan. Pay-As-You-Go subscriptions are charged when each instalment is shipped.

Quality and Sourcing:

Are your coffee pods fresh?

All coffee for our coffee pods is roasted fresh by the team at PodPod. Each pod is flushed with nitrogen for added freshness, and packaged with an airtight seal.

Where is your coffee roasted?

All coffee is roasted in-house by PodPod Coffee.

Where do you source your coffee for the pods?

Our coffee is sourced seasonally from traceable and seasonal coffee supply chains.


If there's anything else you need, just reach out and ask!

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